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  • I had a fibroid surgery in May 28th, 2012. After the surgery I went for a fertility test and the doctor gave a report that with what he found out I may not be able to have my own baby. I refuse to accept that report. So I decided not to show nor discuss it to anybody. One Sunday, pastor Bisi Olanrewaju, minister on a topic; "Make use of your Night".......

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  • I went for a medical check up and I was told that traces of polyps where noticed in my body. My doctor said that series of other test will be carried out to verify if the polyps are cancerous. Immediately I started praying and kept declaring the word God's word concerning my health and nullifying any negative medical report.....

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  • I was diagnosed of high blood sugar/diabetes. As a result I often experience regular weakness, emaciation and drowsiness. I started praying and believing God and I refused to take drugs because I have resolved to count on Jesus to heal me. At a point the blood sugar level rose to an alarming 409mg. when my daughter learnt of my condition, she invited me over to her place in May 5, 2013 and took me to Lagos ....

  • I and my husband rented an apartment about four years ago. As soon as we moved into the apartment, we agreed in prayer that we would move from that rented apartment into our own apartment. The Lord in His infinite mercy heard our prayer and in March 2013, we got our own apartment as we have asked. Praise the Lord!!!

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  • Victoria Pattison
    Born: January 7th 1979, New York NY
    Studies: Harvarm University, CA
    Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks


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